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Some commentators report that up to 2,000 people per week are leaving the Eastern states to live in Queensland. The vast majority of those people will seek employment and accommodation in South East Queensland which presents a major opportunity for canny investors.

Warren Hatt

Helping you grow your wealth the easy way

If you are looking for an affordable home, house and land package or a high-performing investment property in South East Queensland, we are the professional team that will give you the advantage through education, due diligence and the passion to succeed in guiding individuals to wealth and retirement.

We believe some of the greatest investment opportunities are currently in the growth corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Speak to our team about specific areas of interest and how we can assist with your wealth creation strategy.

Ever wondered how to start growing your wealth for the future?

Apartments and units are currently oversupplied and not viable investments because land appreciates while buildings generally do not. We recommend you consider investing in free-standing houses and, to make it easy for you, we have identified a number of developments in key areas of the growth corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, offering new house and land packages between $500,000 – $600,000.

Advantages of new house and land packages

  • Pay stamp duty only on the land
  • Choose a house plan to best-suit your target market
  • A new home won’t incur significant maintenance charges for many years

Who can invest in property?

The answer is just about anyone if they have:

  • An income of at least $100,000 per annum even if that’s a couple’s combined income
  • Some savings to put towards a deposit

It’s a myth that only existing property owners can invest in property.

Many of Austland’s existing clients are renters and some are barely out of their teens and still living with Mum and Dad. One client in this position is preparing to purchase his second investment property.

Bangalow home option image
Bangalow home option.
Calabrese home option image
Calabrese home option.
Orchid home option image
Orchid home option.

What makes a good investment  property?


Apartments and units are not an optimum investment because land gains in value but buildings typically do not. Units are currently in great oversupply and the situation is not going to improve as more and more constructions come on-stream in coming months.

House and land packages in specially selected growth areas are an ideal investment because they’re still available for under $550,000.00 and offer high potential returns due to the continually growing population in South East Queensland.

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