7 reasons why house and land packages are best

Hello everyone, it’s Warren Hatt from Austland here to give you the top seven reasons why house and land packages are the best option for first home buyers wanting a house to live in or people wanting an investment to grow their wealth and secure their futures.

Owning property is a dream for many Australians and there are a number of ways of going about this including buying a plot of land and building a house on it or buying a plot with an existing house on it. There are potential problems with all those strategies.

  • Buy a plot and build: The purchaser is responsible for steering the project and obtaining all the services and approvals needed including architect, builder and so on. This process takes up a lot of time and is often quite expensive.
  • Buy a home in good condition: Houses in good condition in established suburbs often come at a premium which can put them out of the reach of first home buyers and investors.
  • Buy a home in poor condition to knock down and rebuild: The lower purchase cost can be tempting but this is where costs can really blow out if unforeseen problems occur during demolition and rebuilding. Builders will seldom commit to a fixed price for this reason and experts advise people choosing this route to have a large contingency fund, just in case.

The answer for first home buyers and potential investors is to look very seriously at house and land packages.

The seven reasons house and land packages are the best choice

  1. Purchasers of land and a home to live in will receive the First Home Owners Grant of $15,000 to put towards the deposit. First home buyers can apply for additional concessions. Investors who do not yet own their own homes will not forfeit the grant and will receive it when they purchase their own first home to live in.
  2. Purchasers will only pay stamp duty on the land which represents potential savings of $8,000 for investors.
  3. Brand new house and land packages are available for under $550,000. The costs are fixed and there will be no unpleasant surprises to cope with later.
  4. Austland offers extra INCENTIVES to our clients.
  5. Purchasers can select from a number of single and double storey designs to suit their lifestyle or pockets.
The Warringah option is just one of the house designs on offer in our developments.
  1. Maintenance costs are minimal in brand-new houses and the guarantee covers any initial defects which are discovered. You or your tenants can move straight in with no fuss. Offering a brand-new home on the rental market has great benefits as well because you can charge your tenants a premium.
  2. The sites for the developments where our house and land package are offered are carefully selected to offer the maximum returns. They are all in dynamic growth areas to increase your capital gain and ensure high rental demand.

Some of the INCENTIVES Austland has offered in the past include:

  • Solar electricity ( 6.5 kva + provision for battery backup )
  • White Goods
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Legal fees paid
  • Contribution to removal fees
  • Free Quantity Surveyors Report

Simply ask us, we are here to create the best solutions for you and/or your family. You can view details of our current investment opportunities or contact me today on 0408 724 500 to begin the process.